Rapid City Chamber of Commerce

 Agriculture & Natural Resource Committee


Committee Chair: Tiffani Taylor-Robertson
Staff Liaision: Rachel Day


To increase economic activity and mutual understanding between Rapid City and its rural neighbors, and address natural resources issues.

 Meeting Information

All meetings are from 11:45am - 1:00pm

 Annual Events

Beef Bust and Ag Scholarships(February)
Ag Awareness Tour (July/August)
4-H Achievement Days Picnic (August)
Western Junior Livestock (October)
Ag Appreciation Banquet (December)


Each year the Ag & Natural Resources Committee gives away four (4) $1,000 scholarships. This year Western Dakota Tech (WDT) will also be offering two (2) $500 scholarships. APPLY TODAY! Applications are due by Monday, January 8, 2018. Interviews will take place on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

Click here to download the application. 

The 2017 Scholarship Recipients were: Elle Moon, Raina Perli, Carson Sleep and Sarah Vos.

  Aggie & Ag Producer Nominations

Annually, the Chamber selects these awards to honor individuals who have made large contributions to agriculture in western South Dakota. Persons selected for these awards will be honored at the annual Ag Appreciation Banquet on December 6, 2018 at the Ramkota Convention Center II.

Click on either link below to print a nomination form.

The Ag & Natural Resources Committee of the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for the 2018 AGGIE and Ag Producer of the Year awards. Applications will be taken through the next year for 2018. 

Ag Producer of the Year Nomination Form (pdf)

Aggie of the Year Nomination Form (pdf)

 Aggie of the Year & Ag Producer of the Year 

Congratulations to the 2017 award winners!

                         2017 Aggie of the Year
                              Dan Warren                                                                                            


                   2017 Ag Producer of the Year
                              Dan Lindblom


Committee Members

Tiffani Robertson*
Bruce Anderson
Bill Baker
Bob Baker
Casey Barrett
Frank Bauman
Mike Bekaert
Alan Bishop
Deb Black
Amanda Blair
Dale Boydston
Karen Boydston
Dick Bray
Ann Brentlinger
Shawn Burke
Jack Butler
Kristi Cammack
Mary Ellen Cammack
Fred Carl
John Carlson
Cheryl Chapman
Sylvia Christen
Jerry Cope
Lori Cope
Kirk Cordes
Kevin Dietz
Bobbie Jo Donovan
Dan Dryden
Don Dubej
Ruth Esperance
Connie Fischer
Coe Foss
Bob Gartner
Jim Greenwood
Scott Guffey

* Chair of Committee

Travis Haan
Kadee Hande
Mark Haugen
Don Hausle
Tom Helland
Marnie Herrmann
Darrell Hoar
Kyle Holt
Wandra Irwin
Ron Jeffries
David Johnson
Bill Keck
Kelly Keffeler
John Kerstiens
Lavern Koch
Sue Koch
David Koupal
Perry Kundrna
Terri Labrie
Dave Lamb
Cynthia Lanham
Tyrel Larson
David Lindblom
Monte Lucas
Jeff Marlette
Sandy Marlette
Kevin Martin
Jackie Maude
Codi Mills
Michelle Minnerath
John Mitchell
Ron Mitzel
Brett Monson
Twila Morris
Cindy Nicholson
Tim Nold
Joe Norman
Diane Norman
Jiggs O’Connell
Matthew Odden
Dan Oedekoven

David Ollila
Erdean Olsen
Cindy Olson
Matthew Olson
Paige Osterloo
Brad Otten
Mark Papousek
Bob Paulson
Troy Peterson
Paula Phillips
Scott Phillips
Amy Pravecek
Quentin Riggins
Eddie Rypkema
Vicki Schilling
Peggy Schlechter
JoAnne Schriver
Jim Scull
Dave Semerad
Cassie Simmons
Coy Simmons
Vic Simmons
James Slichter
Kyle Smith
Haven Stuck
Tiffani Robertson
Terry Taylor
Doug Theel
Jim Thompson
Robert Thompson
Jennifer Tomac
Tom Troxel
Dan Warren
Susan Weber
Stephen Wesolick
Bob Weyrich
Jeremiah Whitcher
Mary Williams
Sandi Winter
Jerry Wright
Ben Wudtke

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Chamber Events

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Community Events

February 25

Nostalgia Night

When:  7:15pm / Elks Theatre

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March 2

"The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" Presented by the 2018 Gold Camp Players Community Theater

When:  7:00pm / Historic Homestake Opera House-313 W. Main Street, Lead

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March 3

Community Crackerbarrel

When:  9:00am / Western Dakota Tech Event Center

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March 3

Choose Art...Addiction Reframed

When:  6:00pm / Central High School East Entrance

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