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Creating A Culture of Recovery

May 3, 2019  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Recovery Communities of South Dakota presents the inaugural "Creating a Culture of Recovery" Conference and Townhall.
WHAT: Creating a Culture of Recovery - an inaugural conference and Townhall to address the roots of drug addiction, substance use, alcoholism, suicide, & incarceration in our communities. Food will be provided. Presentations on Historical Trauma, Shame, Guilt, Anger, Fear & Individual, Family, Community Solutions.

This is a space for people in recovery, people seeking recovery, their families and loved ones, and professionals to collaborate in order to shine light on the roots of addiction and to highlight the beauty and wonder of recovery.

Registration opens at 8:00, opening ceremony at 8:30 closing at 4:00

WHERE: Cedar Canyon Camp, 5130 Memorial Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702

WHO TO ATTEND? Individuals, Family, Organizations, Service Providers & Community Member seeking education, information and solutions for drug addiction, substance use, alcoholism, suicide, & incarceration. Join us for a day of learning & growing together as we continue the work of healing our community and creating a healthy forest of hope and opportunity for our future generations as we learn to honor the wisdom of our elders and the tenacious efforts of our present care warriors.
Location: Cedar Canyon Camp

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