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Security and Infastructure Overview (by Weblink)


This document was designed to provide background information on our secure, scalable, and resilient data center infrastructures as well as comprehensive information about the built-in security of WebLink Connect™.


WebLink International has provided high performance web applications and hosting solutions for hundreds of clients for over 10 years. WebLink’s networks have been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance. There is a central focus on redundancy allowing our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity and security.

Security / Infastructure Overview

Security in the online world of data management is a critical issue that must be addressed when moving critical business processes and data to an Internet Application. WebLink understands this importance and the great responsibility that comes with it.

There are several availability and security issues that must be addressed when using ANY Internet Application. These include:

  • Network Reliability
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery
  • Unauthorized Data Interceptions
  • Physical Site Protection
  • Hacking Intrusions/Denial of Service

Network Reliability

WebLink has committed the necessary resources to ensure your data is safe, secure and highly available. To this end, we have partnered with The Planet-EV1Servers, a premier IT infrastructure and industry leader in fully redundant hosting.

This union offers a host of comprehensive, world-class hosting solution for our applications backed by a top management team, unmatched experience and expertise, leading-edge technologies, and award-winning service, to deliver an optimum blend of affordability, flexibility and reliability to our customers.

  • More than 20,000 successful customers across the globe
  • More than 500 employees from Houston to Dallas, Texas
  • Unsurpassed capacity and scalability by investing in building, maintaining and upgrading seven data centers in two metropolitan cities
  • Redundant, geographically dispersed, state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) and security monitoring in multiple data centers delivers better security and reliability
  • Latest generation dedicated server lines (40,000+ servers) from leading providers like Dell, plus latest chip technology from Intel and AMD
  • Largest hosting network bandwidth capacity in the world (upgrading to 100Gigbits/sec.)
  • Unmatched investment by GI Partners protects your investment and assures funding and stability for years to come

Backup / Disaster Recovery

The events of 9/11 revealed the devastation that can be caused by a single, malicious event. However, most catastrophic events that threaten hosted Web applications are from nature – Hurricanes, floods, fire, and earthquakes can be devastating in the damage they can inflict on facilities and equipment. WebLink Connect™ provides the backup and disaster recovery options to ensure maximum availability and integrity of the application data.

Automatic Backups

WebLink Connect™ provides daily full disk backups of all data. Full database backups are encrypted daily and transferred periodically to multiple locations throughout the United States as an added means of recovery, should it be needed. Production servers have Hardware RAID protection and contain multiple power/cooling modules and peripheral power supplies. CPU, memory, I/O boards, and hard drives are all hot swappable, minimizing / eliminating downtime.

On-call support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at our hosting partners to ensure any service problems are handled promptly. WebLink also has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place should our primary physical site become inoperable.

Security & Anti-Virus Features

WebLink uses McAfee Products for Anti-Virus Protection. To control access and monitor network usage, Weblink has industry standard security features in place such as stateful IP packet inspection, port blocking and security rule sets, etc. at the server level. We have the ability to block IP addresses through the firewall or Server level to help protect against Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.

Unauthorized Data Interceptions

Application / Data Security

Because we are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, WebLink can offer your organization access to the latest cutting edge technology platforms. WebLink Connect™ currently operates on Microsoft’s Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2005 Servers.

All WebLink Connect Servers use Microsoft Windows NTFS security at the server level. Applications and operating systems in Our Hosted environment are “locked-down” to remove any features that may allow malicious hackers or unsuspecting novices access to sensitive files or areas.

All server operating systems have been locked down to disallow most unutilized processes - right down to the user level. Critical Intra-server communications are encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Our data staff proactively monitors and applies patches and critical updates as needed

WebLink Connect™’s Program and Support staff utilizes Remote Data Protocol (RDP) when directly accessing the servers for software updates and server maintenance. With RDP technology, raw data is never transferred to the client, just displayed. RDP ONLY transmits information regarding a terminal sessions' keyboard, mouse and video to the remote client RDP uses RSA Security’s RC4 cipher with a key strength of 128-bit.

Each WebLink Connect™ customer has the data stored privately own individual Microsoft SQL Server database. WebLink Connect™ clients will designate system Administrators who can manage their own user access, passwords and application security within WebLink Connect™’s environment.

Through SQL Server authentication and additional application layer security, WebLink Connect™’s network also protects users from accessing any data other than their own. All key passwords are transmitted using encryption to avoid any type of packet sniffing.

ALL WebLink Connect™ Smart Client traffic is natively encrypted (scrambled) via 1024 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. 1024 bit SSL encryption is the highest grade commercially available encryption (only the Military and the CIA use stronger encryption methods) providing you with the best level of security and privacy. The SSL protocol ensures that your transactions are not subject to "sniffing" by a third party. Only your users, with the right combination of a WebLink Connect™ ID and Password, can access your data. We also employ the use of Digital certificates across our Production Infrastructure.

Physical Site Protection

WebLink Connect™ data centers are physically secured to keep your organization's information safe. Facilities have keycard and biometric entry, video surveillance and are staffed by technical support people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The physical servers are located in a temperature-controlled locked cabinet that can only be accessed by technicians for authorized maintenance.

All servers are physically isolated in a locked cabinet with an access list kept to allow approved individuals access to WebLink Connect™’s Data Center equipment. Important passwords are provided only to those who have a need to use them.

Hacking Intrusions / Denial of Service

Intrusions usually take one of two forms. One form can be an attempt to gain unauthorized access to data or the application. Another form can be an attempt to deny service to other users by tying up server resources or disabling the server.

Unauthorized Access - Authentication via username and password provides assurance that a client requesting information is the entity it claims to be. In WebLink Connect™, you control the ID’s and passwords for your organization. Access control settings limit the functionality available and types of information that users can access after being identified as an authorized user on the system. This allows you to set up users that can only access certain areas of the application. For example, the system administrator has rights to all areas, while a volunteer may have read-only access to volunteer information.

Database activity logs record information about the username, time of login and logout, the user’s IP address, and transactions submitted. This data can be used for auditing purposes and to provide admissible evidence in court proceedings.

The WebLink Connect™ application also has native defenses built in to protect against Command Injection Gaps, better known as SQL Injection attacks. SQL Injection is simply a term describing the act of passing SQL code into an application that was not intended by the developer.

Denial of Service - Monitoring of the WebLink Connect™ application and the hosting equipment is performed 24 hours per day. This, combined with the latest technologies in detecting and thwarting denial of service attacks, ensures that you will have uninterrupted service.


Moving critical applications to the Internet requires a known, trusted partner. For over 10 years, Weblink has provided over our clients the stability and security that they need. WebLink Connect™ continues this legacy and is committed to earning your trust and keeping that trust with our staff’s expertise and our powerful relationships to Microsoft and data center partners to keep your data safe and secure. By allowing us to secure your data, you can focus on your core organization’s needs, continually growing your organization's success.

Digital Certificates are installed on all data servers to give you the assurance that your access to WebLink Connect™ is legitimately yours and not that of an impostor. It contains information about who owns the certificate (company name, domain name, contact address, etc.), as well as information about the issuing Certificate Authority.

Contact Information

The Chamber welcomes comments regarding this privacy statement. Please convey any questions or concerns to:

Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce
(605) 343-1744


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